Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Boulder bei die Fische Bouldersession at FlasHH Boulderspot

On October 11th, the new boulder spot FlasHH in Hamburg held its first boulder competition. It was a great event with more than 200 competitiors. The route setters did a good job and after the qualification with 40 Boulders to climb the best six male and female climbers reached the finals. Thanks to the DJs including GorillaGroove, the music at this event was the best I have ever heard at a competition!
Another highlight at the competitions was that the last boulder of the finals was illuminated by black light. Even though I wasn't able to see anything but the illuminated holds, I could manage to climb the boulder. I climbed all three final boulders on the first try, and so did Teenat. So we had to compete in a "super final" where we tried one of the boy's final boulders. At the end, me and my boyfriend Stefan won the competition and received some funny fish price cups and a smoked eel each, which is not my favorite fish. Nevertheless, thanks for a great event!
Pictures Anna Stubbe

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