Freitag, 27. März 2015

Climbing trip Spain

Since January I have been on a climbing trip in Spain. The first month was spent in Siurana. It´s a beautiful place but for me it was hard to get into the style of crimps on long vertical routes as I am used to bouldering. In the middle of January it began snowing and we had a few very cold days spent sitting in the van close to the heater in the evenings. The snow was so heavy, that it became impossible to get up the steep and bendy road to Siurana. Despite the snow it was very warm in the sun and were able to climb a few days. I enjoyed our time in Siurana but wasn’t able to find a project that inspired me. I was very happy to go to Margalef in February the pockets and steep bouldery routes are more my style. In Margalef there was still snow and when we arrived a friend of mine almost got hit by an huge Ice block rolling off the top of La Finestra. Then it became warmer I found a nice 8b project at Laboratory, called Zona 30. It is a short bouldery 8b with 15 hard moves in a row, including crazy hooks and big sloopy pinches which is my weakness. I was psyched to train on it and two days ago I was very happy to send my first 8b after climbing two 8a+/8b last year. We are still having a good time here in Spain with a lot of nice people and looking forward to see more climbing areas.

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