Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

northern championships

A bit late, but I want to share some pictures from the northern lead championship and my recent training in Hamburg with you. Usually I don´t like to compete at lead competitions since it´s more about waiting and less about climbing a lot. For example, this time I spent the whole day at the competition only to climb three routes. But okay, I decided to compete and I was very happy to send the final route. One of the interesting events of the day was that Maude Bonzom also sent it and that’s the good thing, that we both did a good job. The problem with this was that the decision about first and second place was then decided by the results of the qualification rather than by the performance in the finals. The last time I competed at the northern lead championship it was the same, so I am a bit disappointed about the result but also happy, that Maud and I both just climbed well.
I am feeling very strong at the moment, since I have no injuries and I am very motivated to train on my Hangboard, with the Slingtrainer and Campusboard. Recently I participated at a performance test from the Youth Team of the FLASHH Boudlerspot. The group was very motivating and each of us pushed our limits by doing Pullups, Push ups, Muscle ups and so on. In Novenmber I will repeat this test and I hope to make some Progress till then.


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