Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

Back in the north

A few weeks have passed since my last post so this is a short summary about my last days in Spain and the first weeks back in Germany. I really enjoyed may, surfing in Portugal, doing something else than climbing, but after three weeks it was time for me to go back to climbing. So we went to Albarracín for bouldering. After the break I was very weak and it was annoying to fail on boulders that I usually manage easily. One week later I became a bit stronger and was happy to send “wave” a 7C traverse at parking sector (right picture) and a few other nice boulders. Actually Albarracín is not a summer area, but due to the cloudy rainy weather it wasn’t too warm. We wanted to go back to Germany, so we decided to head north and stopped by at Targassonne. It was my first time in this area. There are a few nice boulders, but the sharp Granit is not really my favorite. After two days we headed to Germany and had a very nice end of our trip at a hot spring at Fontpedruse. It was wonderful to take a hot bath in the middle of a beautiful valley under a sky full of stars.

 The first weeks in Germany I worked as climbing coach in Oldenburg and after a week of training in the gym I competed at the German Bouldercup at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen. I made the 10th place, which is okay for me, since I really didn’t train on plastic the whole year. We spent a few days in magic Wood and I was happy to send the classic “Supernova” (7C) (picture below). Then I went to Sustenpass to see a new boulder area for two days. I really enjoyed the mountain atmosphere and a bit of snow there and I am looking forward to go there once again. Now I´m psyched to train intensively with Stefan and I am looking forward to spend the rest of summer in my “home area” Frankenjura to find some new projects there.
Pictures: Markus Ixmeier/, Stefan Bühl

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