Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

Autumn in Frankenjura

In September me and a few friends had a good time in Frankenjura. For the first time we visited some sights, like museums, castles and the Maximiliansgrotte. It was fun to see some parts of Frankenjura besides the climbing crags.
About the climbing: I used the time to visit a lot of new crags, searching new projects. Since I didn´t send one of them I am planning to use them to motivate me for training this winter, so that I can climb them next year. I sent Steep mud (8a pics below) wich has some reachy bouldermoves, that I really enjoyed and I sent my "long-term project" starlightexpress (7c) at Zwergenschloss (picture above). It took me more trials than any other 7c so far. I also visited some bouldercrags with Markus "Ixi" Ixmeier. He took some impressive pictures that you can find below. After travelling for almost two years I am now starting my training as psychotherapist in Berlin while working in Hamburg.

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