Sonntag, 24. April 2016

Spring 2016

The last two weeks of March I spent in Boux, France, climbing with the northern Rock Climbing Team. These were my first days of rock climbing this year and I enjoyed the sun and the great landscape. Boux is a very classic area with hard graded routes, that I found very demanding in a technical way. I couldn`t really find a project but a lot of nice routes with great views on the beautiful valley. The last days were spent in St. Leger de ventoux, which offers a lot of overhanging routes with Tufas, which are abolutely my style. I can really recommend to visit this area since there is free parking for vans, free toilets in the village and a great variety of routes. I am looking forward to returning to this crack in the future. After a week in Hamburg, that I spent working, I had the next oppotunity to visit a new climbing area. I met the Edelrid Team, which I joined lately, in the Maltatal in Austria. We had a few very busy days, taking pictures for the handbook 2017. I really enjoyed the time with the other athletes, which I found very nice. My next trip will be in May. Until then I will train in the gym with a focus on fingerstrenght in order to be prepared for my projects in Frankenjura. You can find a few pictures from Boux and Maltatal below. Yesterday I competed at the northern bouldering championships in Boulder Base Bremen. I had a very good day, flashing almost all boulders in all rounds and therefore won the competition. Fotos coming soon.

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